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Flying once again in Heroes & Generals, dur 9:08 mins

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This clip was recorded 26 November 2014. As a curiosity the FPS and ping are visible at the top right corner. I’m once again flying as a German pilot. Currently my character is Hauptmann. The Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4’s big cannon is loaded with explosive bullets designed for soft targets. This is what happened:

00:30 Spawning in the air with Black_Fox_666
00:40 P-38 in sight, the hunt begins
01:58 P-38 going down, another target appears
02:56 Enemy’s engines are burning
03:06 Third target in sight
03:51 Direct hit to Dennis-sky and his P-38
03:59 4th enemy plane in sight
04:19 5th plane in sight
04:46 6th plane in sight
04:56 7th plane in sight
05:04 8th plane in sight
05:56 Unusual air collision between two P-38’s
06:08 9th plane in sight
06:35 10th plane in sight, he crashes or something
06:54 11th plane in sight, he lands in the river
07:22 12th plane in sight
08:01 13th plane in sight

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