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GoPro attached to a chest harness (walking in Porvoo, Finland), dur 5:52 mins

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This video was filmed early in the morning here in Porvoo, Finland. It was so early that most people were sleeping after a long day of drinking. Around here it’s an unwritten rule that if alcohol is available, it must be consumed as fast as possible. That’s not a joke. No, it really is not. Thanks to that cultural feature of the Finns I was able to record this adventure without being disturbed or pointed at (which is another hobby of my fellow people) for having a weird looking harness over my coat.

GoPro’s chest harness frees both hands and films whatever comes in sight. GoPro’s White Edition camera is not too good in low light situations, as you’ll see in this video. I used 720p quality with 60fps. The raw video was modified with Adobe Premiere Elements 12. The video you’ll see here is only about 150 megabytes.

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