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WW2 air surveillance station (Porvoo, Finland), dur 3:41 mins

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I had an old fashioned walk this morning. It was quite quiet here, and an explanation for that could be the usual: hangover. According to a fresh study by National Institute for Health and Welfare of Finland my home town is the number 1 place in this country where people drink to get drunk. And drunk they get indeed, especially when the weekend comes.

This air surveillance station is located at Kokonniemi hill. The reinforced concrete shelter/station/post was used in World War 2, in 1939, when CCCP had an idea of trying to spread communism to Finland. I’ve seen an old photo of this air surveillance station. It shows how possibly a Bofors 40mm gun was placed inside this position, with five men manning the gun, plus another guy who’s perhaps operating a radio device or air raid siren. The photo is shown over here: http://goo.gl/RhnDrP

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