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Poliisi pysäytti pakettiauton (5.4.2014), dur 00:35 mins

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And same in English: Police stopped a van (5 April 2014)

This is just a 30 sec video as there hasn’t been much worth publishing lately, and I bet some of you think not even this one is worth it. I’ve been busy doing other stuff in the past few weeks. As the Heroes of Stalingrad’s vehicle modders are not apparently getting their stuff to the game, I don’t see a reason to play RO2 anymore. Heroes & Generals has been uninstalled for some time, but I’m sure that game will draw me back especially if fighter planes are made to act in more realistic manner.

In RO2: Heroes of Stalingrad’s official forum there’s a topic about getting universal carrier for the Soviet side and some halftrack variant for the Germans. That topic has been online for several years. Some days ago a great drama began to unfold over there. There’s a good chance those vehicles are not coming to the game, or if they are, it could take a month, a year, or months or years.

In this video you’ll see a Finnish police van that has ordered another van to halt at the bus stop. Police’s vehicle has old navy blue and white colours, but apparently they’re going to be updated to look a bit more like the police cars in the UK. About a week ago coppers stopped me as well. I was walking home and behind me sirens and emergency lights were flashed. When I turned around, police used a loudspeaker to say “It was a joke!”

Watch in YouTube — the full description for this clip is published over there.

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