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the old Rakowice, dur 7:31 mins

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Rakowice can be found from Poland and from both Red Orchestra’s. This winter maps has been released for the old Red Orchestra: Ostfront as well as Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. Map’s layout is basically the same in both games. German teams is trying to hold their positions from attacking Soviet troops. Both sides has one tank per side, and carriers/halftracks. In Ostfront when choosing which side to play, a map briefing is shown. For Axis it mentions this:

“Kampfgruppe 78. Sturm Division: This is the remains of a heavily reinforced infantry division, that had found fame across the Eastern Front for the many times it had successfully assaulted heavy Soviet positions. Badly battered now, the Kampfgruppe that remains has to defend hard.”

For Allies this background information is given:

“241 Rifle Division of 38 Army: This division had achieved fame in the liberation of the Vinnitsa the previous year. This is a combat-hardened rifle unit, originally formed from one of the pre-war Soviet tank divisions.”

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