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Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (Pavlov's House, GoPro POV), dur 12:17 mins

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This is a clever one. I attached GoPro HERO3: White Edition to a chest harness and recorded a short RO2 match with it. That means you’ll see not only the game at the screen, but also other stuff, like my keyboard and stuff. The downside of this trick is lack of details in the screen (GoPro was set to record as 720p @ 60 fps). During the gameplay you will hear the original sounds and see at the top right corner “kill stats” — this is because the match was recorded also with AverMedia’s screen capture card.

00:32 Removing blurry effect, launching RO2
01:44 Loading Pavlov’s House
02:55 Joining Axis team as a squad leader (SL5)
03:25 Placing smoke and sprinting closer to the frontline
04:15 Placing artillery mark with binos
05:15 Getting closer to the square
06:00 A Russian tank camps near the ruins, I can’t advance
08:10 I got shot at the arm
09:05 Enemy artillery (or mortars?) blocking our way
10:45 Reinforcements get depleted for Allies
11:25 …and same for Axis
11:50 Round ends, Axis wins

Watch in YouTube — the full description for this clip is published over there.

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