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Insurgency, the Infiltrate mode, dur 5:59 mins

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Where is “Press any key” when it’s needed? Apparently Insurgency, the tactical 1st person shooter, has either replaced or hidden VIP escort mode. Now the game has a game mode called Infiltrate. It reminds me of Search & Destroy or Capture the Flag: players should protect their base (or actually a laptop) and at the same time try to extract data from enemy’s base (laptop). I haven’t yet found the Use key which is needed to use the laptop computer at enemy base.

00:30 Game is loaded, time to select class
00:44 I’m spawning as Security
01:24 This round ends
01:54 Next round begins
02:35 Round ends
02:50 I got switched to the other team
03:50 Placing smoke to the street
04:22 Firing an enemy
04:34 …and a friendly
04:53 Found the laptop, what’s the Use key?
05:26 I got shot

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