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Heroes & Generals (bad ping example), dur 3:33 mins

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This stub shows what’s it like to play Heroes & Generals when the ping his horrible. If the ping is very lousy, player’s movement stutters, he rubberbands, some actions are not registered etc. A small comfort was that many other players, and not just me, experienced the same. For some strange reason almost everyone in this match seemed to have bad ping.

The ping’s status is shown on scoreboard as vertical bars like in some cellphones. When someone has a good ping, it’s shown as three green bars. A bad ping is one or two orange bars. Of all the players (around 24 in total) only one in German and two in American side had good pings. Perhaps this kind of stuff is now history if the developers of Heroes & Generals manage to relocate the game servers.

Watch in YouTube — the full description for this clip is published over there.

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