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How to change sides in Heroes & Generals, dur 00:58 mins

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“I chose Germany by accident. Can I change it to US?” Someone (with too complicated nickname to be correctly remembered) asked that. In my understanding the only way to change sides in Heroes & Generals is to wait for the current war to end. After that there’s a summary which tells how much material was wasted during the war. Then players can decide if they want to fight the next war in German or American side.

How long does the war take? The answer is: it depends. Previous war seemed to last for three months (90 days).

In this video you’ll see briefly the statistics screen. It shows that German side won 7733 battles and Americans got 4225 victories. That means there were 11 958 battles in total during those 90 days! And that according to my calculator means about 133 battles per day. Usually German side has more players than Americans. That means usually players on German team must wait for longer than Americans to get in combat. ;-) Some other stats from the previous war:

Men lost
- Germans: 758 311
- Americans: 827 841

Tanks lost
- Germans: 140 942
- Americans: 150 960

Planes lost
- Germans: 8465
- Americans: 67969

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