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Heroes & Generals: Germans lost the Albin Factory, dur 15:44 mins

This video belongs to the category: General gameplay clip.

The first couple minutes show the main menu of Heroes & Generals. I had Firefox open, and other tabs and bookmarks, so that’s why top and bottom parts are cropped out.

Yesterday when I logged to H&G, I had to choose a new war and the faction (went to German side this time). After that a popup window opened mentioning something about Kübelwagen Type 82, which my character could use if purchased. Nice! That one cost 14200 credits. After that my other character was offered Maschinenpistole 34 for 11200 credits. That one looks very strange. It reminds me of Japanese Type 100 or even the British Sten MK. II. Well, I got that one too, but haven’t yet used it.


01:03 Going through my characters
01:24 Hi, SuperSniper5 :-)
01:47 Launching the Matchmaking tool for Pilot
04:01 Game is launched, opening visual settings menu
05:30 Spawning in the air as a pilot
07:07 Dropping the bomb, got two kills
08:55 Bombing again, no effect, US planes appear
09:44 Shooting US pilot
10:30 Dropping another plane, pilot managed to parachute
10:50 Bombing, got two kills
11:20 My plane nearly kaput thanks to AA fire
11:55 Parachuting
13:10 I get sniped or something
13:50 Spawning again
14:15 We’ve so many planes that not enough people on ground
15:35 Americans won this match

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