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Heroes & Generals: Germans held Felix, dur 8:33 mins

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Fresh news from the front. German troops held the factory Felix in 30 July 2014. Germany won the battle in just over 30 minutes. They were ordered to hold their positions for half an hour, and that they clearly managed to do. After battle had seized, The United States forces had 243 troops located in Felix and Germany had 356 “landsers”.

I participated this battle when it was nearly done. In those few minutes I was flying a P-38 plane against German Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4’s. German team had manned the sky also with Junkers Ju 52/3m planes. I dropped two Messerschmitts and three Junkers transport planes.


00:00 Waiting in Matchmaking
01:31 Spawning at the sky
01:40 Two teamkills, good start, and hunt begins
02:14 Chasing a Junkers plane
02:40 I’m being chased at, aaaand we crash
03:40 Spawning in the air, chasing Junkers
04:15 Messerschmitt is chasing again
04:50 Got him off my tail, now my turn to attack
05:30 Murdering a Junkers with small MG rounds
06:00 Being chased at again
06:25 Getting to a better angle, starting to chase German fighter
07:13 Enemy bailed out
07:25 Another fighter in sights
08:25 Battle report

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