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Having a walk with GoPro attached to a head strap, dur 9:12 mins

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Yes! I’m good at inventing boring names for these videos. Unfortunately skills related to actually filming something are not that good. I just got this head strap for GoPro camera and put it over my wool hat. As you can see, if the camera is not aligned well horizontally, the end result is somewhat annoying. That’s something I found out after watching this clip for the first time.

This clip was originally in about 1.5 gigabytes. It was saved in MP4 format and recorded with 720p quality with 48 frames per second. After editing the clip in Adobe Premiere Elements 12, the clip ended being several minutes shorter and only 313 megabytes in file size. File format is F4V.

I think next time when I’m recording something with GoPro, it’s time to skip the 720p quality and use 1080p despite it means having 30 frames per sec. HERO3: White Edition can save 48fps when using 720p, and 30fps when using 1080p.

Watch in YouTube — the full description for this clip is published over there.

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