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GoPro as a dashcam (driving in Porvoo, Finland), dur 3:15 mins

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Driving in Porvoo, Finland, early February 2014. My GoPro HERO3: White Edition was attached to car’s dashboard. This time I finally understood what to do with the white rubbery thing that came with GoPro. That thing is actually meant to be used as a damper between the dashboard and the camera by attaching it to the root of the attachment clip.

As driving around in a town at dark (and dark it shall be for next X months) is as boring as watching paint dry, this vid was enhanced a bit. Firstly most of it is played four times normal speed (400% speed) and my vehicle’s speed in kilometers per hour is shown at the bottom right corner. The vechicle’s speed is an estimate.

Briefly in Finnish: Tässä GoPro-kameralla kuvatussa kojelautavideossa nähdään allekirjoittanut hurisuttelemassa Porvoon keskustassa kukonlaulun aikaan helmikuussa 2014. Videon nopeus on valtaosin nelinkertainen normaaliin nähden, koska se tekee asioista jäntskempiä. Oikeassa alakulmassa näkyy arvioimani nopeus kunakin hetkenä.

Watch in YouTube — the full description for this clip is published over there.

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