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Germans won again in Heroes & Generals, dur 1:19 mins

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“Germany has won!” Anyone surprised? :-) The war lasted only seven days. In this video you’ll see the statistics screen for Heroes & Generals. It’s a raport which 99% of cases has the words “Germany has won!” on top of it. German side won 19 286 battles, Americans just 10 556 battles. So basically it’s 2:1 in favour of Germans.

This time (Julius #117) I joined the American side.

You’ll see at the end of this video how I’m modifying my P-38’s 20mm ammo. P-38 Lightning’s HE rounds have according to H&G’s ammo description “incendiary cartridge designed to deliver and detonate 14 grams of TNT using a direct action fuse initiated by contact”.

Watch in YouTube — the full description for this clip is published over there.

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