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Flying in Heroes & Generals (26th November), dur 13:14 mins

This video belongs to the category: General gameplay clip.

A typical gameplay clip. Recorded 26 November 2014. Our team, the Germans, were defending in the Airfield map. In that map there are several runways and defending team’s planes spawn on ground. Our fighter squadron was at the beginning formed of DuckyUC, derscratchy, Andi24 and me (I’m playing with nick “kuopassa” as usual). Yesterday I changed my pilot’s badge to golden Bombs Away, but in this clip it’s golden thingy that reduces HP damage that my character gets if he’s hit. My plane’s main gun has HE rounds. I find them to be most useful. The top right corner shows my FPS and ping.

Watch in YouTube — the full description for this clip is published over there.

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