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Facing the most skilled player in RO2, dur 06:22 mins

A player with Steam nick certified`G is, as this video suggests, one of the most skilled players in Red Orchestra 2 when it comes to aiming and spotting the enemy. According to his Steam page he’s played RO2 just over 101 hours, a bit less than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He has been claimed of cheating or being a hacker, but this video I recorded a few hours earlier doesn’t show any “abnormal” activities from his side. Looks like this player is simply very good. Maybe certified`G has also a large screen and perhaps he’s playing with low graphic settings (which might remove foliage etc.), but those certainly aren’t cheats or hacks. ;-)

He’s clearly according to his Steam profile a quite anti-hacking person. These are some of the groups in which he is a member:

- Ban The Hackers
- I hack because I have a small penis
- Retarded Worthless Faggot Hackers
- Tabernacle Hacking Squad

Strangely in his profile’s comment section there’s some talk about certified`G hacking and cheating for example in Insurgency. Among the comments there are also offers from others to sell aimbots and tools like that. Well, anyway, if you’re being destroyed in RO2 that could be because you’re facing the most lethal player, certified`G, also known as:

- dindu`nuddin
- president`mugabe
- xPidariN
- Motherfuckaah Jones
- Motherfuckah Jones
- xPidariN
- Motherfucker Jones
- bring-it-to-the-yard type of nig
- pokemon`master

This player has 71 friends in his Steam profile. 25 of them are private and a handful are not available for other reasons. Of those profiles which are public and available, 12 have received one or more VAC bans.

Watch in YouTube — the full description for this clip is published over there.

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