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Exposing photographic paper (a test), dur 00:41 mins

This video belongs to the category: Testing or fooling around.

I’m trying to make some pinhole cameras, and more specifically solargraphy cameras. That’s why I got a few sheets of Ilford’s photographic paper. One side of those sheets is coated with an emulsion that reacts to light as shown in the video. :-)

Finnish translation:

Valokuvapaperin testaaminen

Yritän rakentaa muutamia neulanreikäkameroita, ja tarkemmin sanottuna solarigrafiakameroita. Sen takia hankin muutaman arkin Ilfordin valokuvapaperia. Kussakin arkissa yksi puoli on päällystetty jollakin valoon reagoivalla pinnoitteella kuten videosta näkyy. :-)

Watch in YouTube — the full description for this clip is published over there.

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