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Darkest Hour 6.0 Beta: learning how to operate 60mm mortar (1/2), dur 9:56 mins

This video belongs to the category: General gameplay clip.

Part 1 of 2. Recorded 5th October 2015. This is a one whole round of Darkest Hour. The map in question is La Chapelle. It’s combined arms map where US troops are supported with armor like M5 Stuarts and M10 Wolverines. They are to advance to a village or town called La Chapelle. First there’s couple fields to cap, then a bridge, then the village and finally a church where Germans have their last defensive positions. Germans have infantry and at least one Panzer IV. Both teams should have one mortar guy. I’m playing as US mortar operator… and I’m not very used to that. This video clip is mainly about looking at the map and checking where the 60mm mortar rounds drop.

Some players whose names appeared in this clip:

- AgentPotato (Allied)
- Doodle (Allied)
- Dunn (Allied)
- gotterdammerung (Axis)
- Hamdackery (Allied)
- Leutnant (Axis)
- Mathaus (Axis)
- Meowzer (Axis)
- Nyarosh (Axis)
- PFC Junnila [29th ID] (Axis)
- Rhodos (Axis)
- Savv (Allied)
- Scharfe (Axis)
- Slider (Allied)
- UniversalSoldier (Allied)
- Vaughan (Allied)
- [DH]Basnett (Allied)
- [DH]Theel (Axis)

Watch in YouTube — the full description for this clip is published over there.

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