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Blitzkrieg in Red Orchestra 2, dur 2:26 mins

Germans won Apartments in 1.5 minutes. That’s some lightning war indeed! I recorded this match just a while ago at The Wild Bunch (TWB) campaign server. Players in Axis side were at the beginning: therealdeliciousones, [40-1]Foca, Samuri light, Hidole555, LLv26_Junnu, Arthur Welleslsy, Armchair General, dodo5455, Rakisa, Scaras, Fr-Purgeman, Viva, Boltaction[TP], Escalator, Silver5hark, Doctor Jeep, John Wayne, Woolsey, [GNS] KillerPeachess, Ritterkreuz. Hannes, NexuS 6, Tim_the_Enchanter, Taco and Death kitty. Timeline:

00:50 The match begins
02:25 The match ends

Watch in YouTube — the full description for this clip is published over there.

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