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(2/2) Deploying to Stavelot in Darkest Hour 6.0, dur 12:45 mins

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Stavelot is a map in Darkest Hour: Europe ’44-‘45. (Stavelot is also actually a real town located in Belgium. It’s near Malmedy.) This was recorded last Sunday, 25th October. Stavelot can be a really difficult map to defend as the attacking team has lots of options from where to advance. If attack is stopped, it’s usually at the bridge where defenders have several windows where they can ambush German troops and panzers.

Allies team:

- Mal
- [DH]Basnett
- Monk xx
- Matt UK
- kashash
- Hals
- Classiy
- HubCat
- Manofj10
- Rhodos
- Maschinenreiter

Axis team:

- Fred*
- [DH]Theel
- Walderschmidt
- InebraitedCloud
- Matadoer
- SirFondlebottom
- Homth
- Jack
- Blackdeath
- PeteFromFinland

*) Brackets missing. YouTube doesn’t allow them in video descriptions.

I’m uploading this clip in two parts as the original .ts file that came out of AverMedia capture card is over 3 gigabytes in size. After splitting it in two parts and compressing with Adobe Premiere Elements, both clips are about 900 Mb.

Watch in YouTube — the full description for this clip is published over there.

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